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The List of Disgraced Rabbis
By Shlomo Phillips © July 09, 2017

Recorded Live on Facebook

I've been expecting something like this for a long time. The list of disgraced Rabbis is a disgrace; not that the list was drawn up, but that it needed to be.

This new list banning the authority of certain rabbis and its blunt denunciations are shocking (see my next 2 posts)!

Surely this "calling out" further divides our people and, as the Chofetz Chaim noted:

Our Sages state: "Jerusalem was destroyed only because its inhabitants limited their decisions to the [letter of the] law of Torah" (Bava Metzia 30b). This seems difficult, for Scripture records many sins of which that generation was guilty.

Our discussion sheds light on the matter. Had the people overlooked the wrong caused them, then HaShem would have forgiven them as well. However, they were absolutely unrelenting toward each other, demanding from one another whatever they could possibly extract according to the law -- and Heaven judged them accordingly
-- Chofetz Chaim, A Lesson a Day, page 73

BUT at the same time, the Rabbinate MUST defend Jewish values and religious traditions from the rising tide of globalist heresies! There are a LOT of things being done today in the name of Judaism that violate not only well established Halacha but even the Torah itself directly!

Its truly a sticky wicket!

I know a few of these disgraced rabbis personally on and off line. Frankly, in some cases at least, I completely understand and agree with the ban! One of these rabbis said before a congregation I was at that the "Torah should be thrown into the corner" (i.e. discarded) because it has become an idol to some (read: Orthodox) Jews! How can someone who teaches such a thing be considered a Rabbi? Without Torah we are nothing!

How can a "rabbi" who conducts religious services with Muslims, Buddhists, etc. be regarded as a Jewish rabbi when HaShem clearly states that He will share His glory with no other gods? How can a rabbi who supports the BDS movement against Israel then authorize their convert's aliyah to Israel? There must be some limits beyond which a rabbi must not go! It appears the Rabbinate is now going to start taking such offenses more seriously. This is of course a double edged sword! I pray for their wisdom.

So personally, I understand the ruling and frankly there are a few more people I think should have been placed on the list well, one in particular that is very famous on Facebook - I was surprised to find his name missing from the list!

BUT THEN AGAIN, as David Zaslow -- one of these rejected rabbis who I know personally on and off line noted on his Facebook page: As Golda Meir said, "You want to destroy the Jews? Just leave us alone and we'll destroy ourselves."

Very true but this begs the question: Which rabbis are destroying the Jews and which are upholding us and safeguarding our Traditions?

How are we to proceed when so many "rabbis" demonstrate so little respect for Jewish tradition that the Rabbinate feels compelled to intervene in this way?

When these rabbis perform rites specifically prohibited by halacha right in the sanctuary, and cast dispersion on those who refuse to join in, is it not required that someone with greater halachic authority than theirs speak up? HaShem certainly held His leaders accountable in Tanach!

Judaism has always been a spectrum from more observant to non-observant, but today its complete chaos! Who holds the authority today within Judaism? How are we "Rabbinic Jews" when even many of the rabbis are working to create a "post rabbinic" Jewish revolution that rejects Torah and Jewish Tradition?

Just as an example and not to single him out, of this insult to his credentials (deserved or otherwise I'm not judging) David Zaslow posted:

"I am on a list of 160 blacklisted rabbis (65 from the USA) whose letters affirming Jewish identity for Jews who want to emigrate to Israel will not be accepted. Thank G-d Rabbi David Lau, chief rabbi of Israel for the Ashkenazi Jews is very upset by the list. But the fact that there is a list is a real slap in the face of Zionism, and Zionists like myself who work to defend Judaism and Israel. I am the only Renewal rabbi on the list but I am in good company including Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform rabbis and even some from Chabad. My badge of honor is the rabbinate's badge of shame. With Tisha B'av upon us some regret and repentance is due from the rabbinate. Pray for them! They likley mean well but they are terribly wrong."

Are the Jerusalem Rabbis really "terribly wrong" or are those listed acting like the unrepentant Korah, Dathan and Abiram who rejected the authority of Moshe Rabbeinu with such dire consequences? -- I'm not suggest this, I'm just asking the question.

Is this list a "slap in the face to Zionism?" To secular Zionism perhaps it is, but to Religious Zionism the rabbinate may have a good point with the ban. As the Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin urges, Zionists need to work to make the state of the Jews into a Jewish state, Unitarian "Bu-Jew" Judaism may well be regarded as counter productive of the Zionist ideal. Right now the anti-Torah actions of many Jews inside and outside of Israel are becoming more and more problematic. Israel was reestablished to be the sovereign Jewish nation, not just another secular state. Without Torah this is not possible. Without Torah and HaShem the secular state will fall with disastrous consequences for 11 or so million Jews living there.

BUT what this list REALLY demonstrates is our desperately serious need for the reign of Melech HaMashiach ben David! May he come soon and set all things right!

Below is the list of United States rabbis, in alphabetical order by first name. Several of the rabbis have died, but may have written letters attesting to congregants’ Jewish identity while still alive. Absence from this list should not be taken to mean a rabbi's rulings will be acceptable to Israel for purposes of aliyah etc.

Alberto Zeilicovich, Conservative
Alexander Davis, Conservative
Alfredo Winter , Conservative
Amos Miller, Conservative
Arthur Rulnick, Conservative
Arthur Weiner , Conservative
Arthur Zuckerman, Conservative
Avi Weiss, Orthodox
Barry Dolinger , Orthodox
Baruch Goodman, Orthodox
Bernard Gerson, Conservative
Dan Ornstein, Conservative
Daniel Kraus, Orthodox
David Rosen, Orthodox
David Wortman, Reform
David Zaslow, Renewal
Eli Kogan, Orthodox
Eliezer Hirsch, Orthodox
George Nudell, Conservative
Gerald Serotta, Reform
Gil Steinlauf, Conservative
Harold Berman, Conservative
Irwin Groner, Conservative
Isaac lehrer, Conservative
Jacob Max , Orthodox
Jason Herman, Orthodox
Jay Rosenbaum, Reform
Joseph Potasnik, Orthodox
Joseph Radinsky, Orthodox
Josh Blass, Orthodox
Joshua Skoff, Conservative
Ken Carr, Reform
Kenneth Roseman, Reform
Leonard Gordon, Conservative
Leonid Feldman, Conservative
Marcelo Bronstein, Conservative
Mario Karpuj, Conservative
Melvin Sirner, Conservative
Michael Pont, Conservative
Michael Siegel, Conservative
Morris Allen, Conservative
Paul Plotkin, Conservative
Paul Schneider, Conservative
Paul Yedwab, Reform
Peter Grumbacher, Reform
Pinchas Chatzinoff, Orthodox
Sam Fraint, Conservative
Seth Adelson, Conservative
Seymour Siegel, Conservative
Shay Mintz, Orthodox
Shimon Paskow, Conservative
Shimon Russel, Orthodox
Stephen Denker, Reform
Stephen Goodman, Reform
Stephen Mason, Reform
Stephen Steindel, Conservative
Steve Schwartz, Conservative
Yaakov Kalmanofsky, Conservative
Yaier Lehrer, Conservative
Yehoshua Fass, Orthodox


List source

There is also an acceptable list of rabbis here This list should not be taken to mean that only these rabbis are acceptable, worthy rabbis.

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