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Sri Sanatana Dharma:

Please Note: I am a fully committed Rabbinic Jew, an independent minded Breslover (member of Der Alt Weg Chassidus), and a committed Zionist. This is not Avodah Zarah (i.e. the Halachic prohibition of Jews observicing the religions of the other nations. This is merely a scholarly translation of an anceint text.

I have devoted most of my sixty plus years to studying the world's religions in depth. I hold an MA in Religious Studies as well as a counselling degree and various ordinations and achievements from diverse religious systems. More than book learning however, I have endeavored to understand the religions from the inside. I have found much good in the Sanatana Dharma, as well as some negatives. Here I will be sharing some of my information on the Sanatana Dharma. As a Jew I am neither a practioner nor advocate of this system.

The heart of this section is my original translation of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita from the original Sanskrit. If you have any questions or comments just let me know.

Read Shlomo's Original Translation of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita

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