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Religious Studies

I am a fully committed Rabbinic Jew, an independent minded Breslover (member of Der Alt Weg Chassidus), and a committed Zionist.

I have devoted most of my sixty plus years to studying the world's religions in depth. I hold an MA in Religious Studies from JFKU, a counselling degree from the Interfaith Seminary of Santa Cruz (now East-West Seminary), and various ordinations and achievements from diverse religious systems. More than book learning however, I have endeavored to understand the religions from the inside. I have found much good in all of the world's religions, as well as some negatives. In this section I share some of my studies into other religious systems. A few years ago I removed most non-Jewish material from the site. I am now gradually adding some of it back for the purposes of research and general knowledge If you are interested in a topic let me know. If I have something on that topic I'll consider including it back here.

As the rabbis make clear, HaShem (G-d) is the One True G-d. HaShem hears and replies to the sincere prayers of all people regardless of their belief systems. This is one reason why conversion to Judaism is so difficult. Most people do not need to to become Jews. We readily acknowledge that good exists in the other paths while we maintaining the holiness of our own. Judaism is the proper religion for the Jews. It is in this spirit that this former section of is gradually being restored to the domain. In these studies I am not endorsing any religion. I am merely sharing my understandings as one who has deeply studied and sought G-d through prayer and meditation. My Jewish biases not withstanding. I have hundreds of pages to gradually restore. I am now focusing on this task. Thanks for your patience.

As always, I invite your comments, questions, submissions, and corrections on the topics covered here.

The Great Awakenings: The Essence of Contemporary American Religion




The Old Ways of the Misty Isles: Paganism

Sanatana Dharma -- Hinduism




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