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What's Wrong With Two House Theology

British Israelism and Mormonism (LDS)
By Shlomo Phillips © 08.01.2013

By the Will of HaShem circa 3038 HH (722 BCE) the Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians. This ancient tragedy set the stage for many 'replacement theologies' including British Israelism and the Book of Mormon's contention that certain Native American nations are survivors of the Ten Lost Houses of Israel. This is the topic of this study.

The Ten Northern Tribes or Houses of Israel were exiled from Eretz Israel (i.e. the Land of Israel) by the Assyrians and became known as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. What happened to them? This is one of history's greatest mysteries!

Despite all the speculation and imagination the most likely answer is that most of these Israelites were worked to death by the Assyrians under king Sargon II. Some doubtless intermarried and assimilated, thus abandoning their ethnic and spiritual lineage. Others probably escaped to the south, merged with the House Judah and entered Babylonian exile, forgetting their tribal identities. Whatever became of them, today these people remain 'lost' to Klal Israel (i.e. the Jewish people).

Two House Theology:

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